Which Cancer Cover is better? Cancer Care plans or Critical Illness Insurance

Gulshan Kumar

Cancer has become a dreaded illness in recent times as more and more people are falling prey to one or the other form of the illness. The projected incidence of cancer cases in India for 2020 was 94.1 per 1 lakh male 103.6 per 1 lakh female. The numbers are quickly rising, and the medical costs are too expensive to bear when cancer strikes. In such cancer cases, having a dedicated insurance cover seems to be an ideal solution.

Many people have realized the value of coverage against cancer and are opting for specific cancer care plans for themselves and their loved ones. Even health insurance companies are giving multiple solutions to people for coverage against cancer. Besides a complete health insurance plan, critical illness and cancer care plans are provided for specific coverage against cancer. But which plan is better – critical illness or cancer care?

Let’s have a comparative study of both these options to find out –

What is a critical illness plan?

A critical illness plan is a health insurance plan covering a list of critical illnesses, cancer included. If you suffer from any covered illness, the sum insured is paid in a lump sum, and the plan ends.

What is a cancer cover plan?

A cancer cover plan is illness-specific health insurance that covers only cancer. Under this plan, all cancer stages are covered, and the benefit pay-out depends on the severity of cancer you suffer from. In a minor stage cancer, 25% to 50% of the sum insured is given, and future premiums are waived for some years. If cancer increases, the remaining sum insured is given, and the coverage is ended.

Pros of critical illness and cancer care insurance

Here are the pros of plans so that you know which plan scores over the other and in what aspect –

Critical illness insurance 


· The plan covers other illnesses as well. This makes its scope broad and allows you coverage against other dreaded illnesses too

· The sum insured is paid in a lump sum, which helps you take care of your financial responsibilities if you face any critical illness

Cancer care insurance


· Provides a complete scope of coverage against all types and severity of cancer

· In early-stage cancer, you get financial support as a part of the sum insured is given. The premium waiver advantage helps you enjoy coverage without the stress of paying the premium after suffering from cancer.

· If your cancer increases, the plan pays the remaining sum insured to help you meet the financial expenses of the illness

· Some cancer plans also allow coverage against recurrence of cancer

So, both critical illness insurance and cancer care insurance have their respective pros. Evaluate these aspects and then make your decision. If you want a complete scope of cover against various illnesses, a critical illness plan would be better. However, if you need only cancer-specific coverage, opt for cancer care plans for inclusive coverage. Either of these plans would be an excellent addition to your existing health insurance plan and would give enhanced protection against cancer. So, understand your coverage requirements and then make your decision.