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A lump sum investment is depositing the entire amount at one go. Lump-sum investment is a popular way of investing in mutual funds.

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What is LUMP SUM investment?

A lump sum investment is depositing the entire amount at one go. Lump-sum investment is a popular way of investing in mutual funds. If you invest the entire amount available with you in a mutual fund scheme, it is called the lump-sum mutual fund investment. Lump-sum investing is a common mode of investment for HNIs and big-ticket investors. It is an excellent way of investing in the long-term. An investor who has a high-risk tolerance may consider investing a lump sum amount in a mutual fund scheme. You may consider lump-sum investment for a windfall such as an inheritance, bonus, or a gift. If you get the market timing right, you may profit from the lump-sum investment. It is an ideal investment for the long-run. You must still invest based on your investment goals, risk appetite, and time horizon. Lump-sum investing is not suitable for short-term investment. If you are not confident with handling large amounts of money, you may opt for a systematic investment plan or SIP that staggers investments over some time. It helps you avoid timing the market. Investing a lump sum amount of money depends on the need for funds. Failure to plan for liquidity could mean liquidating assets at a loss.

Features & Risks of LUMP SUM investment :

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Features and benefits of LUMP SUM investment:

  • Minimum investment: Since lump sum means a single investment, the minimum amount that most mutual funds require is INR 5,000. However, after the initial lump sum investment,usually  you can make subsequent investments in multiples of INR 1,000 in the same scheme.
  • Time horizon: You can hold a lump sum equity mutual fund investment for a longer time duration. Financial experts suggest a minimum of three years. If your goal is for short-term appreciation, you could consider putting it in a debt fund or liquid fund.
  • Market volatility: If you invest a large amount of money in one place, your investment could take a hit when markets dip. However, the key is to hold on to the investment over a longer period.
  • Convenience: Lump sum mode is generally convenient for individuals as people who are having a large amount can spread their investments. However, if the investment is done through SIP mode then they have to be careful that the amount is invested at regular intervals. 
  • Invest for the Timing: Whenever investors choose for a long-term investment, they should always look for the market timing. Individuals generally should choose to invest when the markets are already in a slump and are showing growth potentials. In this situation, individuals can earn higher returns through lump sum mode than in comparison to SIP mode. However, if the lump sum investment is done when the markets have already reached a peak, in that case, individuals might end up with a loss.

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Importance of LUMP SUM investment

Lump-sum mutual fund investments are the way to go for experienced investors with a high-risk tolerance and sizable amount for investment. However, it would be best to reconsider this route if market fluctuations and a dip in portfolio valuations make you anxious.


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