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Hybrid funds aspire to strike a balance between risk and returns by aiming to generate income in the short-run and achieve wealth-appreciation in the long-run.

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What Is A Hybrid Funds

As the name suggests, hybrid funds are a combination of equity and debt investments which are designed to meet the investment objective of the scheme. Each hybrid fund has a different combination of equity and debt targeted at different types of investors. Hybrid funds invest in both debt and equity instruments to achieve diversification and avoid the concentration of risk to one particular place. A perfect blend of the two offers higher returns than a regular debt fund while not being as risky as equity funds. The choice of a hybrid fund depends on your risk preferences and investment objective.


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What are different types of Hybrid Funds coverage?

Equity-Oriented Hybrid Mutual Funds:Also known as Balanced Funds, equity-oriented hybrid schemes allocate over 65% of their investment resources towards purchasing the equity stock of companies. The remaining 35% or less is invested in debt securities or other opportunities. These balanced funds allow the investor to explore the possibility of high returns and reduce the risk exposure at the same time.

Debt-Oriented Hybrid Mutual Funds:Also known as Monthly Income Plans, hybrid fund schemes that invest over 75% of their resources in treasury bills, money market instruments, bonds, and other debt instruments are called debt-oriented hybrid schemes. The remaining 25% or less is invested in equity stocks on companies and cash/cash equivalents. As the name indicates, these plans offer the possibility of providing the investor with a regular income in the form of dividends. These dividends can be paid out at different intervals, depending on the investor’s choice – annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or even monthly. An additional facility offered by these funds is the “growth option” which reinvests dividends to facilitate capital appreciation.

Arbitrage Funds:These funds simultaneously purchase and sell the same shares in different markets, exploiting the difference in trade value of the shares to generate profitable gains. Shares are purchased in the cash market and simultaneously sold in the futures market, making use of the price differential to create a profit.

Liquid Funds

One of the safest funds that provide a reasonable rate of return

Debt Funds

Scheme That Invests In Fixed Income Instruments.

Gilt Funds

Debt fund that invest in government securities

Equity Funds

Fund that primarily invests in stocks

Who should invest in Hybrid Funds?

Hybrid funds are considered a safer bet than equity funds. These provide higher returns than genuine debt funds and are popular among conservative investors. Budding investors who are willing to get exposure to equity markets may invest in hybrid funds. The presence of equity components in the portfolio offers the potential to earn higher returns. At the same time, the debt component of the fund provides a cushion against extreme market fluctuations. In this way, you receive stable returns instead of a total burnout that may happen in case of pure equity funds. For the less conservative category of investors, the dynamic asset allocation feature of some hybrid funds becomes a great way to enjoy the best out of market fluctuations.


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Our Services are available across Pan India

We at , GK MF Invest Private Limited serves the people ,with their desired products.

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