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What are SME Loans?


Loans which cater to the financial needs of the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) segment are known as SME loans. This segment is responsible for providing huge employment opportunities at relatively lower capital costs and at the same time, also aids in industrialisation of backward and rural areas. By contributing highly to domestic production, significantly increasing export earnings, and by being operationally flexible, SMEs play a key role in the development of the nation.

Benefits of SME Loan

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Benefits of SME Loans:


  • Easy & Quick: With the world going digital, business loans have become much easier to access. In fact, today, many banks and lending institutions offer such loans without collateral. This makes it easier for small businesses to sustain their ventures. Further, the online application process for availing this facility is simple – with minimal steps and documentation.
  • Flexible Repayments: Nowadays, SME loans come with flexible repayment options. Banks and lending institutions usually understand the complexities attached to running a small business. As such, they offer flexible terms and conditions. They may allow an increase or decrease in EMI based on the financial condition of the company, and also allow bullet payments for periodic payment.
  • Low Rates & Charges: The interest rates for SME loans tend to be lower, especially in the case of government-backed schemes. Such loans are typically designed for public welfare. Overall, several factors are taken into account before disbursing the loan. These aspects include credentials of the borrower, tenure of the loan, business model and balance sheet of the company. Once approved, there are nominal one-time costs attached to the loan, such as processing fees.
  • Business Development: The required cash flow can help grow and expand your business. With stronger finance, manpower, technology and equipment, you have all the tools necessary to take your vessel to the next level.
  • Tax Benefits: Lastly, and quite importantly, you receive tax benefits under the Income Tax Act, wherein a part of the profit used for repaying the loan amount is exempt from tax.
  • Nowadays, especially for small establishments, business loans have become the order of the day. Along with all the unique benefits and features offered, they are also increasingly easy to take and repay.

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Why are SME Loans important?

Availing an MSME loan is easy and hassle-free. Most lenders disburse the loan amount quickly—provided all the documentation is in place and you have proved your creditworthiness. Documentation is also minimal. The processing time is very quick, and some lenders have approval times as low as 24 hours. Most lenders have online account access, which lets you access your loan account details easily. You can also track and make your EMI payments effortlessly. 

MSME loans come with competitive interest rates ensuring that a very minimum amount is spent in repayment of the loan. Compared to other conservative forms of financial products, this translates into savings. Additionally, most MSME loans do not require collateral. MSME loans are mostly utilized for short-term requirements by small businesses. This poses a certain amount of flexibility to the borrower, as there is no long-term commitment. Having a short-term commitment means you can manage the cash flow efficiently and allocate available resources accordingly.

If you are a growing Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise (MSME), it would be handy to know that you can always count on an MSME loan for your business needs.


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