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Dreaming about buying your own car is very easy, but is turning that dream into reality easy as well? The answer is a big YES. You don’t have to wait for years and save every penny to collect enough money to buy a car because banks are always there to help you get your dream car!

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What Is A Auto Loan

An Auto Loan is taken by borrowers to purchase a new or used private or commercial vehicle. Auto loans are secured loans where the vehicle itself is used as a collateral. It is offered by lenders for new cars, used cars, two wheelers (generally called a Two-wheeler Loan) and commercial vehicles (generally called a Commercial Vehicle Loan).

Banks usually offer auto loan up to 90% of the cost for new vehicles and 85% for second hand vehicle. The vehicle is hypothecated to the lender, as collateral. The repayment is based on your monthly income and your ability to repay and the tenure is typically between 12-84 months.


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Features & Benefits of Auto Loan

Streamlined loan processing – Most car manufacturers have a streamlined process where the loan application and processing are done on a tight timeline. Their centralized system processes all loan applications effectively and enables fast approval.

Easy documentation – The documentation for availing car finance is quite simple and easy. The manufacturer checks the repaying ability of the borrower and thus gathers evidence in the form of documents to ascertain your steady income.

Quantum of loan – For in-house brands, the manufacturers offer funding up to 100% of the car value. Customers can also get customized car loans based on their need. Often, gadgets, insurance and accessories are included as part of the loan value extended.

Tenure – The repayment period varies from lender to lender. However, it generally ranges between 1 year to 7 years. The borrower can choose the comfortable term within the available tenure.

Prepayment – The borrowers can also prepay the loan when they have enough funds to close the loan. The terms vary from lender to lender. Some car finance companies allow you pre-close the loan only after completing a specific period.

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Factors affecting eligibility

Credit Score: Like all other loans, lenders look at your current credit health as well as the pattern of your past payment history. Lenders look for a high Credit Score and good credit profile before determining the final status of your loan application. A higher Credit Score increases the probability of your loan approval. Click here to check your Credit Score and Report for free now!!

Employment and Income Status: Lenders also check that you have a stable employment and a steady source of monthly income, to ensure loan repayment over the entire duration of the loan.

Current Loan Repayments: Lenders also keep a tab on all your existing EMIs, before making their decision to grant you the loan. They generally determine your EMI outflow and monthly income ratio. Make sure that your EMI obligations are not a very high percentage of your income.


If you have a regular source of income with good credit eligibility, owning that favourite car will not be a dream anymore. Car loans are easily available today with many options to work out comfortable EMIs. With informed decision-making and smart choices, you will be able to sustain a car loan as well as manage rest of your finances for other needs.

With the demand for cars rising high, the manufacturers themselves have jumped into the loan market to facilitate the buyers to purchase their dream car at affordable costs.


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