Unit Linked Health Plan

Unit Linked Health Plan Service By GK MF Invest Private Limited

While paying your health insurance premiums, you may wonder what if you don’t need hospitalization ever and all the premiums you have paid turn out to be just another expense made out of fear?

Unit Linked Plans commonly known as ULIPS are investment and insurance plans that come with the dual benefits of investment and insurance.

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What Is A Unit Linked Health Plan

  1. Here your premium amount is put into three financial baskets:
  • The first part goes to a basket dedicated to medical claims. The size of this slice depends on the medical coverage you opt for


  • The second part goes into the mortality basket, I his portion is tor securing a sum assured which your nominee will get in case of your demise.


  • The third part goes into the investment basket. You can use this portion to invest in funds of your choice or give permission to the insurance company to invest in their best performing fund. This fund can be pure equity or a mx of debt and equity.


  1. In case of a claim related to the health insurance part, the insurance provider will cover your medical expenses, provided your claim meets with their pre- requisites.


  1. After five years of continuing the policy, you will have the option to take out the returns that have been generated from the investment part of your policy while keeping the health cover part intact.


  1. Depending on your ULHP, after a certain time period, the policy will mature and you will receive the fund value the investment part has reached at that point of time

What does Unit Linked Health Plan?

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What are different types of Unit Linked Health Coverage?

A home insurance policy usually covers four kinds of incidents on the insured property: interior damage, exterior damage, loss or damage of personal assets/belongings, and injury that occurs while on the property. 

Home insurance does not cover everything, no matter what your policy limits are. For this reason, it’s a good idea to customize your policy by having additional coverages to suit your specific situation.

Some of the optional, add-on coverages are Earthquake insurance, Flood Insurance, Replacement cost plus, Other structures insurance, Personal umbrella liability insurance and many more. 

Get in touch with us and we can guide you in choosing the right combination of coverages which suits your needs.

Group Mediclaim

A Health Insurance policy designed for a group of employees working together

Top Up Insurance

Add aditional coverage to your existing policy with Top-Up Health Insurance

Critical Illness Plan

Financial coverage for critical illness

Personal Accident plan

Event of insured sustaining injuries, solely and directly from an accident

Importance of Unit Linked Health Plan

The following are reasons why you should have homeowners insurance.

Owning a home will probably be your biggest investment throughout your life. Your home will probably be your safe nest for years to come. Protecting your home with insurance will give you a sense of security.

If something happens to your home’s structure and it is under your insurer’s policy, home insurance will cover the cost to rebuild your home. 

Home insurance will cover the cost of your belongings in the event of serious damage. Even if you feel like you don’t own that much or you if you don’t have many expensive belongings, small items add up quickly. 

Although you would never intend for someone to get hurt on your property, accidents do happen. Protect yourself from the unexpected with home insurance.

While buying an home insurance it is important you map the coverages to different needs you have. Talk to us and we can help you select the right kind of coverages for your needs.


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