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You can’t control hospital bills, But you can get covered against critical illnesses. A critical illness insurance cover, often referred in laymen language as Critical Illness Insurance, refers to the insurance benefits you receive to deal with life-threatening critical illnesses and various lifestyle diseases.

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What Is A Critical Illness Plan

This plan is especially designed to treat certain specific illnesses. With lifestyle diseases on the rise, covering yourself against these illnesses has become imperative. As treating these can be an expensive affair, especially for a middle-class family buying  critical insurance, you can mitigate those expenses up to an extent. On the detection of an illness, it pays a pre-decided amount towards treatment irrespective of pre-or post-hospitalization expenses The major diseases that are covered most of the critical illness plans include:

  • Major organ transplant
  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Surgery
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Kidney failure
  • Paralysis
  • Coronary artery bypass surgery
  • First heart attack

What does Critical Illness Plan cover?

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How Critical illness plan works

A critical illness plan works differently from a Mediclaim plan. This is a health insurance plan that pays a lump sum amount, equal to the sum insured, to the insured on acquiring a serious aliment such as cancer or a stroke. A Critical illness cover provides a lump sum benefit which can pay for the cost of care and treatment, recuperation expense and even pay off any debt if taken. Regardless of your hospital expenses, the insurer pays the full sum insured.Critical illness plans are therefore defined-benefit plans as the pay-out is defined and fixed. It does not matter if one holds more than one Critical illness cover as every such policy pays. A Mediclaim on the other hand is an indemnity plan which reimburses the expenses incurred.

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Importance of Critical Illness Plan

Due to the sedentary lifestyle, even younger people are suffering from life-threatening diseases or critical ailments. According to insurance estimates, 40% of heart patients in India belong to the age group of 25-35 years. The cases of critical illnesses like cancer, lung diseases, and other chronic health ailments are rising which are not only costly to treat but also lead to a financial loss in case the breadwinner of a family is diagnosed with a problem. Also, those who do have a health insurance are not adequately covered as the regular health insurance policy only takes care of hospitalization costs. What about household expenses, loan EMI, children school fees, which may also arise in case the patient takes a break from work? Here, a critical illness insurance policy helps. Contact us to know more.


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