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What are Futures and Options?

Futures and options are two kinds of stock derivatives traded in the share market. They are a kind of contract between two parties for trading a stock or index at a specific price or level at a future date. By specifying the price of the trade, these twin derivatives safeguard the investor against future fluctuations in the stock market. However, the actual futures and options trade is often far more complex and fast-moving. While many people deal in futures and options through a trader, it is always advisable to understand how they function before you invest in them.

What does Futures and Options cover?

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Why is it important to invest in futures and options?

Future and options are often seen as more mysterious cousins of equity trade. These are fast-moving trades where the margin can fluctuate daily. Unlike equity, which attracts long-term investors, futures and options are meant for traders who are looking for quick returns. If managed in a planned manner, they allow you to protect yourself from a volatile market, while slowly increasing your gains. Trading futures and options is not rocket science, but it does need a level of understanding before you dive in. It can be a great tool to hedge your bets and save you from market volatility. Alternatively, as a speculator it can be a medium to play the volatility to make outsized returns, but that approach comes with its own substantial risks.


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We at , Gk Mf invest Pvt ltd. serves the people ,with their desired products.

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