Financial lessons we can take away this Diwali to light up our lives!

Gulshan Kumar

With Diwali just around the corner, let us take this opportunity to soak in all the good that this festive season has to offer. We all know that Diwali is not just about shining lights and mouth-watering food but also about spreading joy and happiness. May this time of the year be a call to conquer the darkness in our lives and fill it with prosperity and celebration! There are a lot of lessons that one can take away from the festival of Diwali that not only resonate with our personal lives but also when it comes to our finances. Here are a few lessons we can learn from this joyous festival!


Planning is an essential aspect of one’s life. Just like planning ahead of time around our Diwali celebrations, we also need to integrate early planning for our finances. If you plan, then there are fewer chances that you will be stressed about unforeseen expenses or some sudden expense that crops up just before Diwali, other festive occasions or life in general. So plan your finances, save money for the unexpected, and have some breathing space in your monthly expenses to enjoy this wonderful festival of lights!


In life, we all have some goals that we want to achieve, dreams that we want to realize, and ambitions that we need to fulfill. How can a soul of light shine without a clear path? Diwali is the time when you get the opportunity to be a guiding light for yourself and your near and dear ones. Acknowledge your goals early on, take small steps every day towards them to gradually reach them. Remember that nobody gets to this end without taking the first step!


You will agree that there is nothing worse than the feeling of losing something or someone dear to you. Therefore, ensure safety and protection for your loved ones, physical and emotional well-being in this festive season. Ensure that you always have an emergency fund in place in case a situation arises. If you have planned your finances well, the chances of such a situation arising are minimal, but still, be prepared when misfortune strikes!


There are many people who will not understand the choices you make or your financial goals. It is very easy to start doubting your decisions when friends and family members constantly question them. Remember that their opinions do not matter at the end of the day because it is your life, money, and financial goals. May we banish the darkness by lighting our lamps. In metaphorical terms, light often signifies wisdom, intellect, and knowledge. May we be enlightened this Diwali and make the right financial choices through thorough research or by consulting a financial expert!


Diwali is a celebration and display of cultural diversity that all adds up to an enriching experience. This Diwali, light up your life and eliminate all your financial woes! Ensure diversity in your portfolio so that you are not affected much even when one investment is down. Remember, some losses are also an invaluable lesson on what needs to change in your approach towards investing! There is always room for improvement, and once you understand this, that would be the time to celebrate your wins!


No amount of money and no light can compensate for the loss of a loved one. Ensure that your family is protected in case such an unfortunate incident were to occur. An Insurance policy gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing someone will be there to take care of things in your absence! Make sure you get adequate insurance cover for the needs of your loved ones and those that depend on you. Let financial security be the best gift you give your loved ones this Diwali!


Financial security is a journey and not an overnight destination. To achieve financial freedom, you need to take appropriate steps on a daily basis that result in healthy savings, smart investments, and satisfactory insurance cover that will grow over time! So, this Diwali, let us celebrate the spirit of lighting our lives with financially sound decisions that continue to illuminate our paths towards a brighter future! Let’s keep the celebrations going for a lifetime!

This year around, let us all strive to light up our lives with better finances. Let us resolve to spend less, save more and invest effectively! Diwali is the perfect time for introspection on where we are in terms of our financial goals and what steps we need to take towards achieving them. Remember that nothing can replace hard work, discipline, and determination in your quest to find financial freedom and abolish all of the darkness in your lives! I hope that this piece is able to shine a light on your path, give you some direction, and at the same time leave you with some food for thought. We wish you all a happy Diwali and a prosperous year ahead!