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What Is an ETF?

An exchange traded fund (ETF) is a type of security that tracks an index, sector, commodity, or other asset, but which can be purchased or sold on a stock exchange the same way a regular stock can. An ETF can be structured to track anything from the price of an individual commodity to a large and diverse collection of securities. ETFs can even be structured to track specific investment strategies. ETFs can contain many types of investments, including stocks, commodities, bonds, or a mixture of investment types. An exchange traded fund is a marketable security, meaning it has an associated price that allows it to be easily bought and sold.

What does ETF cover?

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Benefits of ETFs:

Access to many stocks across various industries

Low expense ratios and fewer broker commissions

Risk management through diversification

ETFs exist that focus on targeted industries

ETFs are traded in the markets during regular hours just like stocks are.

ETFs diversify risk by tracking different companies in a sector or industry in a single fund.

Because ETF share exchanges are treated as in-kind distributions, ETFs are the most tax-efficient amongst ETFs, Mutual Funds, and Stocks.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation stabilities your risk and reward by allocating your assets


One place to hold your investments


Financial instrument that holds some type of monetary value


Getting the shares of a private corporation to the public in a new stock issuance

Importance of ETFs

Young investors who are not altogether familiar with the intricacies of the financial markets might be well-served by investing in an exchange-traded fund that tracks the broader market. Sector funds enable investors to take bullish or bearish positions in specific sectors, while inverse ETFs and leveraged ETFs make it possible to incorporate advanced portfolio management strategies. Some other characteristics of ETFs that make them ideal investment vehicles for young investors include diversification, liquidity, low fees, investment management choice, and innovation.


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