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The failure of the buyer to pay for the goods or services purchased is the greatest risk that may threaten the survival of a supplier. This reality has brought to focus the importance of Accounts receivables insurance as a risk mitigation tool to protect interests of businesses against the risk of client defaults. Under this, the insurer covers a portfolio of buyers and pays an agreed percentage of the invoice or receivables that remain unpaid as a result of insolvency, bankruptcy or protracted default.

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What Is Accounts Receivable Insurance

Account receivables also known as credit risk insurance is an important part of business. Accounts receivable insurance covers your business against any losses caused by the inability to collect payment from a customer for a variety of reasons. Accounts receivable insurance covers your business against losses your business might experience when you can’t collect payment from your customers. If you’re a B2B organization that offers credit to customers, trade Accounts receivables insurance offers a way to protect your cash flow and accounts receivable from a bad customer. If a customer were to go bankrupt, you’re not taking a massive hit. Instead, you’re able to cover your losses. Trade Accounts receivables insurance allows a company to:

  • Protect their accounts receivable against default risks
  • Extend competitive payment terms without worry
  • Allow extended market share by moving business deals abroad

What does Accounts Receivable Insurance cover?

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  • It protects your business against risks which are out of your control.
  • It improves bottom line quality of the business.
  • It increases profits and reduces risks of unforeseen customer insolvency.
  • It lets you offer credit to new customers.
  • It improves funding access at competitive rates.
  • It protects from anticipated earnings restatement.
  • It optimises bank financing. This is done by insuring trade receivables.
  • It supplements credit risk management.

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Importance of Accounts Receivable Insurance

As a result of Globalization, there is growth in trading opportunities and companies are faced with increasingly complex needs in terms of account receivables management. Accounts Receivable Insurance is a tool that helps the companies run business with peace of mind. Credit Risk Insurance protects companies against customer defaults.

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