Business insurance provided by GK MF Invest Private Limited .

Starting a business is risky. That risk doesn’t have to be yours, though! Let us help you protect and grow your company with insurance tailored specifically for entrepreneurs like yourself who are taking their first big steps into entrepreneurship. We at GK MF Invest Private Limited will assess your business and provide cost-effective solutions that keeps your business protected.

Protect your greatest asset your busness. We at GK MF Invest Private Limited can help you get that peace of mind within your budget. Our goal is to understand your needs and get you suitable coverage with top-quality insurance products. 

Business Owners Policy

Get customized insurance for your business according to your needs.

Business Liability Insurance

Helps you, your employees and your customers by providing them coverage.

Manage your business with planned protection

Insuring your business, whether it is big or small, has become very important in today’s day and age. Right business insurance can protect your business against property damage and will help cover the costs of liability claims made against your business. Insure your business today with Business Owner’s Insurance and Business Liability Insurance. 

Keep your assets protected

Protecting your company’s physical assets from catastrophic events like fire, explosions, burst pipes, storms, theft and vandalism is an investment in itself as it prevents out-of-pocket costs for the business owner. Doing the same for your vehicle is the answer to shielding your vehicles and taking care of the bills as it provides coverage from any damages caused.

Commercial Property Insurance

Insurance which provides a safety net to your property

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial vehicles cover your different types of external damages, along with personal and third-party liabilities.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Covers you against unforeseen circumstances which are usually not covered by any standard insurance policy

Educational Institution Package

Protection for your institution property from losses

Unique business insurances

When the property damage and bodily injury costs exceed your business’ commercial liability limits this can be covered by a commercial umbrella policy. Educational Institutions are facing more risks now than they ever were before. Cases like accidental death, loss and eyes, permanent total disablement and permanent disablement are covered under an Educational Institution Package. 

Worker intensive business ?

Although construction sites are likely to vary from one place to another, they share a common threat which is the risk of theft, loss, or damage to tools, equipment and materials you own and use. Not only are all of these expensive to buy and replace, but they are essential to you being able to do the job. Properly designed contractor insurance helps protect you against these risks. While protecting your equipment is a must, protecting your workers is quintessential for the smooth working of a construction site. Worker’s Compensation Insurance helps pay the compensation that the insured employer may be liable to pay his employees and their dependents due mishaps during the course of the employment.

Contractors All Risk

Construction is a high risk industry,cover your damages with CAR Policy

Workers Compensation Insurance

Covers statutory liability of an Employer for employee death or bodily injuries

Cyber Liability Insurance

This policy protects commercial businesses against a wide range of first and third party liability occurring out of cyber exposures.

Business Interruption Insurance

Financial Protection to business during tough times

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Helps recover losses due to equipment breakdown.

Must have business insurances in todays times

Cyber risk is steadily increasing, data breaches affect millions of records a year and reports of breaches continue to rise at a dramatic rate. Companies with access to private & confidential information have a responsibility to keep it secure. Cyber Liability Insurance can help protect companies from any liabilities due to incidents like data breaches.

Lost income and extra expenses can adversely affect businesses, causing scheduling conflicts Business interruption insurance helps replace extra expenses and lost incomes due to perils. Equipment Breakdown Insurance is important to ensure you always have working equipment at your site.

Super Unique business insurances

The Accounts Receivable is what investors look at to gain a better sense of a company’s overall financial stability and liquidity, which makes insuring it of utmost importance. A comprehensive policy that covers the losses incurred due to tragedies like Fire, Fire Loss of Profit, Burglary and Accidental damage covers is an investment best suited towards large establishments. Office Insurance is a great way to make sure your office and other infrastructure like it stay protected in case of untoward incidents. With comprehensive coverage from liability, property damage up to the value you specify with an Office Insurance plan that offers peace-of-mind for business owners who have invested heavily into their work premises. 

Accounts Receivable Insurance

Protection from financial losses due to failure of clearance of accounts receivable

Industrial All Risk Insurance

Policy which covers almost all risks and perils, which a large industry may face during its operation

Office Package Insurance

Insurance which covers damage to your office from various perils