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GK MF Invest Private Limited was started by our Founder Gulshan Kumar back in 2015. We are an AMFI registered Mutual Fund distributor, Arn-186901 GK MF Invest Private Limited. Before starting this firm, he worked in the banking sector, and he has been in the financial services field for more than 18 years. The reason behind starting Future Wealth was to help people reach their financial goals. He always wanted to make sure that the people working hard for their dreams could get them planned instead of losing their life savings due to any wrong decisions. However, he saw too many complexities in the financial world, confusing and preventing people from reaching their goals. So he started Future Wealth to make the process simpler and transparent.

We at GK MF Invest Private Limited take our client’s money very seriously. Many people trust us in this market because of the hard work and dedication we put into it. We are now trusted by more than 250+ families and 500+ clients, directly impacting the lives of 2000+ people and indirectly impacting many more. 

GK MF Invest Private Limited is an investment Company that people’s invest their money and better manage their finances simple and fast app. We are a team of service experts who are dedicated to serve you in better an smooth way. We serve our clients to reach their financial dreams/goals and become financially independent through a well-defined process. We try to make the investment process simple and east to understand and give them better service while helping them not to lose interest during the initial stages.

GK MF Invest Private Limited is a team of professionals working hard to make sure that your goals are met. We know you’re busy with work, family, and life in general, so we take care of all the intricate details so you can focus on what matters most – living your best life!

Mutual fund with GK MF Invest Private Limited

Need help finding the best mutual funds for your needs and goals? We can get you there with our vast knowledge of all things finance. We at GK MF Invest Private Limited can help you get that peace of mind within your budget. Our goal is to understand your needs and get you a suitable mutual fund with top-quality companies we work with. 

Why work with GK MF Invest Private Limited ?

We at GK MF Invest Private Limited are passionate about helping families and enterprises plan their finances well. And we love to see the future secure for you!

18+ years of financial experience

We have 18 years of experience in this field, have worked hard, and are dedicated to our work. We know financial products well and can guide you to reach your financial goals.

More than 500+ clients

Over the years, we have served over 500+ clients and have impacted over 2000+ lives directly. We have been a trusted name among all our clients and have helped them with their finance.

Wide range of financial products

We offer our clients a wide range of financial products to pick the best options that work according to their individual needs and demands. In addition, we advise our clients with every product they choose to make the best use of it.

Unbiased Guidance

We place the customers first on focus on fulfilling their needs more than anything. We don't believe in being biased about any products.

Highly Ethical

Our services are focused on how to do things ethically and with transparency. There needs to be a sense of trust in any relationship for it to move forward, which is why we constantly check that our customers have all the information before they make their decision about what products best suit them.



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GK MF Invest Private Limited

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Why Choose a Mutual Fund Distributor?

One of the many advantages to having an mutual fund distributor on your side is that they are able, unlike company specific financial planners who work for companies, we can offer you guidance tailored specifically towards what YOU need.
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GK MF Invest Private Limited

We have a team that is fully committed to serving your needs. They are experienced in their field and will work with you every step of the way from deciding what kind of plan would be best for your life goals, down to actually signing papers!
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